Conveyors help with social distancing

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Social Distancing is the word of the hour in the fight against the corona virus. It is rightly demanded that we keep our distance from other people. Social Distancing has already proved its worth during the Spanish flu more than 100 years ago. Unfortunately, however, this is not always so easy.

Example pharmacy and take-away

For example, think of a pharmacy: most customers are sick and need medication. In this situation, the required minimum distance of two meters is very important. But how is the prescription to the pharmacy staff, the drugs to the customer and the money back to the employee over this distance?

The situation is similar in the catering sector: many restaurants have switched to take-away in the meantime. Here, too, social distancing is difficult because goods and money are exchanged in a small space.

Plexiglas panels are a first step. But it does not provide the necessary spacing. A conveyor belt between the customer and the sales staff could help, for example. The pharmacy customer can put his prescription on the conveyor and the conveyor transports it to the pharmacy staff. In order for the medicine to reach the customer, only the transport direction of the conveyor needs to be changed. It works exactly the same for payment.

Plug and play

The TB40 conveyor from Montech is compact and suitable for social distancing applications because it is very easy to set up: unpack, mount the control unit on the conveyor, connect the cable, plug it in and get started. The operator can set the transport direction by means of a rotary switch on the control unit.

The price for a TB40 conveyor with a width of 300 mm and a length of 2000 mm is 1’763 EUR. The price for the conveyor with sub-structure is 2’091 EUR.

Everything online

Users can configure the TB40 conveyor online in the configurator and download an offer. And customers receive a 5% discount when ordering online.

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