Montech LT40 transport system

Never Let Your Conveyor Belt Go Out of Shape

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The manufacturing sector is probably the most ever-growing field in the world. It ceases to end, and with every passing minute, there is an advancement that is brought along which makes one appliance better than the other. It goes to show that within machinery lies a voracious thirst to grow and completely abolish its previous version. The world is just too advanced now to cater to conservative mindsets and practices. Everything needs to be done efficiently and the more seamless it is, the better.

Conveyor belts in production

Conveyor belts are an important part of production for the manufacturing industry and all the places where they are needed and are indispensable for increasing efficiency. For example, the automotive industry requires a seamlessly functioning conveyor belt to ensure the products are produced at a consistent and constant rate. A belt malfunction, interruption or failure of automated conveyor belt production lines can have a big impact on the overall production output

High-quality and robust

Montech is one such firm that specializes in conveyor belts. They manufacture the most premium and robust conveyor belts. These affordable conveyor belts come in different types depending on the requirement and are built to withstand an assortment of loads. For example, there is the LT40 transfer system which transfers product carriers or totes to discrete assembly stations. Depending on the size of the carrier, a maximum load of up to 16.8kg can be accommodated. LT40 conveyors feature a compact design with a 24V DC motor integrated into the drive roller.

Less is more

If you’re thinking about a energy efficient type of conveyor belt, Montech has just the kind for you. The Serpentine Buffer conveyor features multiple TTBD-105 tandem conveyors and can queue a large number of parts within a small footprint. Energy efficiency is realized through the use of a single drive for two parallel belts and no additional drive for the 180° return.

Montech offers a variety of accessories to complement your conveyor belt or transfer system including lateral guides and plug & play cables.

Their products are designed for reliability and durability; however, some components are subject to wear. To keep your conveyor functional, spare parts are readily available from their well-stocked online shop.

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