The importance of conveyor belts

The Importance of Conveyor Belts

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When we hear the word “conveyor belt”, we have a black-and-white movie scene in mind that shows a factory with a huge conveyor belt with men standing at each workstation. Even though the film by and with Charlie Chaplin is 80 years old, conveyor belts are still an integral part of the production process today.

For every industry

Practically every industry uses conveyor belts in one way or another: For example, conveyor belts transport packages that are cumbersome to handle manually, or cosmetic products that need to be transported carefully. The use of conveyor belts is different from industry to industry and from product to product.

Versatile use

The transport of products is of central importance for companies. Conveyor belts are widely used because of its versatility and good price-performance ratio. They are reliable, i.e. they have a very high operational safety, economical, very productive and environmentally friendly due to their low energy consumption.

Quality guaranteed

Montech is a company specialized in conveyor belts. As a Swiss company, Montech stands for quality products in order to guarantee its customers top-notch products. An example is the TB40 conveyor belt. It features a 24 V DC motor integrated into the drive resulting in a very compact design. It is ideal for conveying parts or products between processing stations. Thanks to its modular design, the TB40 can be used to easily implement application-specific requirements or to integrate multiple TB40 into a complete transport system.

Quick, easy assembly

Another example of quality is the TB30 conveyor belt, which is an ideal solution for a variety of applications and industries. The modular design allows for quick and easy assembly and reconfiguration.

The roller conveyor is the most economical and environmentally friendly conveyor belt by Montech because it is based on the principle of gravity. Due to the inclination of the conveyor belt, which can be quickly set with the adjustable feet, the products transport themselves.

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