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The janitor and his conveyor

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Based on a true story

Once upon a time there was a janitor in New York. For decades he’s been looking after a big block in the middle of the Bronx. The janitor wasn’t only hard-working and did all his chores with great carefulness, he also always had an open door for the people living there.

The residents from the block collected their rubbish bags in the cellar and the friendly janitor brought those to the street so that the garbage collectors could collect them.

It cost the janitor a lot of strength, to carry all the heavy bags of rubbish up the stairs onto

the road. So, over the years the work became harder and harder for him and his backpain became worse.

In order to be able to take care of the rubbish from the many residents of the block in the future, the janitor had to come up with an idea. He had been thinking for a while until he remembered that there was a window to the patio in the cellar. If only he had something to transport the rubbish through the window out to the patio …

He was thinking over and over again and finally had the idea: a conveyer had to be installed. The janitor took all his courage and talked with the owner of the block. The owner listened to him very precisely and was overwhelmed with his idea. The owner looked and found a swiss company, Montech. So that they could install a robust conveyor for a reasonable price

It didn’t take long until the conveyor was delivered. With huge amusement the janitor installed it – knowing that all the hard work he’s been doing would soon be easier.

Bag for Bag the rubbish is being transported from the cellar to the streets. And when the janitor receives the rubbish in the patio, he smiles and is happy that he can help the residents in the Bronx, for many years to come.

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